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What is your purpose at work

What is your purpose at work? - It is a great puzzle to ask yourselves even if you are an entry-level associate or a C-Level executive. To make the greatest impact at our jobs we need to determine the "meaning and purpose" of our work.  

Knowing the purpose of work will benefit you by enhancing your productivity and motivation, accomplishing your goals, cultivating compassion, overcoming obstacles, guiding a great team, fostering innovation, displaying servant leadership, strength to sustain in a diversified work environment. Your explanation of work should not be restricted to "just" a job and the purpose of work should not be limited to "how much you earn per day".

Identifying the purpose of work should be an activity that we need to perform by ourselves. Your mentors and leaders can provide advice but they cannot influence or tell you what should be "your" purpose of work. It could be a tiny shift of your viewpoint about work or it could be something that you need to begin. Your statement about the purpose should be concise, specific, and powerful. It should integrate your strengths, interests, and core ambitions.

I strongly believe that how you decide to live your life each day and every day will have an impact on your work. Your statement about the meaning and purpose of work needs to make sure that it aligns your life goals as well. You cannot be a great parent or a respected community member or an amazing friend if you are a bully or a dictator at work, this example should help you to think about how your personal life characteristics can affect your purpose of work. 

Reading about or listening to people whom you admire the most can influence or provide some thought process which could help to define the purpose. The person could be your team member, team lead, executives of your organization, industry leaders, great politicians etc. Discover the qualities of those great personalities and identify how those qualities can help you to define your purpose. 

There could be a situation where your purpose at work could not be accomplished due to various reasons including the absence of diversity and inclusion, no respect for gender equality, lack of career expectations framework. If the principles that are the pillars of your purpose of work does not agree to the organizational culture, then you need to think - Do you need to spend the priceless time and energy to be the voice of change in your organization or you need to move on to an organization that recognizes all humans as equals, promotes diversity, encourages growth. 

Our life is short. We spend the majority of our time in an organization and it's your responsibility to make sure you accomplish your goals and become a valued personage that the successive generations can speak about what great things you have done and how your qualities helped them to shape their purpose at work. 



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